Kevork Nazarian

On Thursday December 13, 2018, heaven welcomed a new angel - one with a heart of gold and a spirit that would light up any room. Born on September 16, 1952 in Beirut Lebanon, Kevork Nazarian was a proud descendant of Armenian genocide survivors. Growing up in Lebanon, he always had a deep appreciation for learning a skilled trade - he believed and would always say “Ayt marte vor arhest ouni ashkharkin vor goghmenal ela, anouti tchi mnar”. He had a fascination to learn and read, and strongly believed in continual self development. His faith, family values, and caring personality shaped him to be a strong man who many looked up to and reached out to as a mentor, brother, friend, and father. Always putting others’ well being before his own, he was selfless in helping those who needed care and support. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather who strongly believed in preserving his Armenian heritage by instilling traditions and values in his day to day life to pass down onto future generations. Kevork never dreamt of leaving his beautiful Lebanon, but a civil war led to his immigration to France not knowing that destiny would ultimately play a role in introducing him to his future wife there who unknowingly was a neighbor in his hometown in Lebanon. In Paris, Kevork continued to pursue a successful career in the jewelry industry while building a family foundation with his wife Chake - there they had two children - Jean-Raffi and Meline, before deciding to follow the American dream and relocate to the US. A new future awaited Kevork’s vibrant life which included a third child, Pauline. After settling in New Jersey, he continued to pursue an entrepreneurial lifestyle while teaching his children how to follow in his footsteps. After a 35 year run in the jewelry industry, a family decision to introduce traditional heirloom recipes to mass markets led to a change in professions. Having passed down self taught and perfected baking methods to his wife and children, they now continue to grow what is considered a legacy in his name. In his lifetime, Kevork was blessed with two grandchildren - in 2008 with his first grand son, Matios, and Sébastien in 2011 who he always hoped he could guide in his footsteps as they continue to grow. Kevork left this earth too young, too soon, with many ideas and projects he always dreamt of bringing to realization for the future of his family. Although some life aspirations were cut short, his devotion for his family lives on forever with the precious moments, memories, and unconditional love he has left behind that will be cherished always and forever. 

Visitation was held at Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church from 9 to 11AM on Saturday, December 15, 2018. A Funeral Church Service followed. Private Cremation. In lieu of Flowers, the Family asked that donation be made to Sts. Cartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church.