Traditional Funeral Services

Most of us are somewhat familiar with the traditional funeral service. With the body of the deceased present, scripture is read and eulogies are made under the direction of the clergy. The location of a traditional service usually takes place at a funeral home or a church. If visitation does take place, then it will occur the day or days immediately preceding the actual funeral. Sometimes the deceased is embalmed so the body can be viewed in an open casket.

After the memorial service takes place, the body is transported to a cemetery via a hearse. This is usually accompanied by a procession of cars. When the body arrives at its final destination, it is lowered into its gravesite where another short burial ceremony takes place.

Konopka will take care of all the logistics and paperwork. This will include recovering the body from the location that they passed, filing for permits and the death certificate and notification of the local papers with an obituary.

Konopka will gladly assist families with anything that is needed at this most difficult time. These include transportation for the deceased and family via limo, flowers at the funeral home and the gravesite (or religious building) chosen by the family, embalming and performance of the service.