Cremation Services

Some people prefer to have their remains cremated rather than buried. This requires the body to be placed in a special crematorium oven where the remains are reduced to ashes. In the 1970's, only about one in 20 had their bodies cremated. Today, it's up to over 25%.

As with burial, a cremation can have a full service. One option is to have a viewing and then after the service is completed, the cremation takes place. There are special cremation caskets for just this purpose .

And finally, a cremation does not have to be accompanied by a service at all. A choice some people make is to seek to spare families the possible anguish and expense associate with a service.

When cremation is done, there are of course ashes. Many people like to keep those ashes near a photo of their passed loved one as a reminder. In some cases the ashes are split up amongst different family members. In other cases, as with a body, ashes are buried or put in a mausoleum or a columbarium. Yet one other option is to spread the ashes. This is sometimes done at a favorite location, the woods and sometimes even, out at sea. Konopka can assist you on this endeavor should a boat be necessary.