Burial Merchandise-Urns

Urns are used to hold the remains, after the cremation. There are a variety of different kinds, depending on the needs of the individual and family. Urns can be used for display at a memorial, buried at a gravesite or kept at a family home.

Burial Urns
If the intent is simply to bury the remains, often urns that are biodegradable are used. After a period of time, the urn and its contents become part of the ground where it was buried. Usually this type of urns is less decorative than display urns.

Display Urns
A display urn is sometimes used as the focal point at a memorial service. After the service the urn is kept in a safe place or in an area of the family's home where it can be respectfully displayed. These urns are usually nicely designed and bring dignity to the memory of the life it preserves.